President's Report

Cultural Events:  
Film Festival: This year AF Albury Wodonga again organised and ran its own French Film Festival, held in May 2016. There was an attendance of 548 (compared to 393 in our first Film Festival in 2011 and 532 in 2012, 478 in 2013, 593 in 2014, 402 in 2015). Six sessions were open to the general public (one more than in the past), and there was an additional session for school students which was also well attended.

We thank our sponsors – Baker Motors (Peugeot), DiscoverVin (local importer of French wines) and Regent Cinemas Albury Wodonga.

Cafe Bavard: This is a regular informal gathering which gives those attending an opportunity to speak French over a cup of coffee. It has proven to be so popular that this year we have increased the number of sessions from one to two a month. We thank the proprietors of La Maison for allowing us to host it there and Clare D’Arcy for her continued facilitation of this event.

Art Exhibition Guided Tours: Alliance Française Albury Wodonga arranged two special guided tours in French of the Impressions of Paris: Lautrec, Degas, Daumier exhibition at the Murray Art Museum Albury in December and January. They were competently conducted by Paule Gauquié and were well attended.

Summer Immersion Courses: In January 2016, in response to several requests, Alliance Française Albury Wodonga organised an immersion week- a four hour class each day for five days- and also ran four conversation classes. The number of students exceeded our expectations and we have had enthusiastic reports of both classes. Summer classes look like becoming a regular part of our calendar.

Thank you to Claire Rogers and Paule Gauquié for their willingness to conduct these classes during the holidays.