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Leigh is originally from Adelaide and has lived in Albury for the past 5 years. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and the world, visiting every continent except Antarctica. After studying French in both highschool and university he lived and studied international relations in Paris, Grenoble and Santiago. His love of languages stems from the desire to have meaningful conversations with people from around the world and to learn from their different cultures. He is currently a language and geography teacher at Albury High.


Beginners Year 2 and Intermediate

Heather taught French at Albury HS for 24 years before retiring in 2014. During that time she organised 10 study tours to France for my students. She has lived and worked in France 3 times, including a year on teacher exchange in 1996. She believes that learning a language broadens our view of the world and loves seeing the joy that my students experience when they finally realise that they can express themselves in French, and that others understand what they are trying to say!



Leonie (B.A. (Hons-French, Italian, German, English Lit.)) has experienced firsthand the benefits of language learning and firmly believes languages 'give you the world'! An experienced French teacher of ~20 years (HSC, VCE, ACT, IB & 'Bac'), she's taught adult classes and tertiary level (Melbourne University) and loves encouraging students to grow their skills. Leonie’s passionate about French teaching and learning and about facilitating the internationally recognised Alliance Française DELF award (accredited examiner). Grateful to have travelled extensively, she's lived & worked in France, USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland. When Leonie isn’t teaching senior French students and inventing ways to progress their French, she enjoys family time, fine films/literature, travel and creative cuisine."




Nelly has both French with both Italian and French roots. She studied History at Paris IV La Sorbonne for 2 years then did a Masters degree in Sociology in Metz and Nancy. She also studied and worked in France in the Early Childhood Education and Care services and is continuing this in Albury. She lived in several French cities and in Brussels before arriving in Australia in 2011. Since then she has lived in many towns around the country. She loves the Australian wildlife and nature. She belives speaking French fluently can be encouraged by an easygoing and positive environment where everyone has something to share and is valued and supported by everybody else. Talking freely and being yourself are very important in French culture



Traveller's French

I'm a French guy called GUY.
I was born in 1972, in a little town called Brive-la-Gaillarde, in Central West France (3h from Bordeaux, 1h South of Limoges, 3h from Toulouse and 6h below Paris).
When I was 21, I joined the French Navy as Mechanic.
In 1997 I met Tracie Wooding, born in Albury, and in July 2000, 7th, we were married.
In 2004, our twins showed us their little pretty smiles and growing up they followed us to France, French Guiana (South America) and Australia.
In 2014, Tracie and the girls came to Australia, and I joined them in 2016, when my contract finished with the French Navy (after 23 years of services).
I love cooking and crepes are my favorite dish (as you can see from my photo)
I work at Walla Walla and love driving around Albury/Wodonga looking for photography opportunities, as I really love your Aussie Bush.