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I have never learned a language before and have no French ‘skills’ – will I be OK ?

Absolutely, most of our beginners have little or no previous French experience so you’re not alone.  In fact most of our students started with very little previous experience.

I’m worried that I’m not going to keep up with the other students.

This is a very common concern.  In fact most people are concerned that they’ll fall behind or will be embarrassed in-front of other adults.  The reality is that everyone is in exactly the same situation.  It only takes a short while before you’ll be comfortable with your fellow students and any concerns you have will disappear.

I’m not sure what level to start at.

This can be a difficult question to answer.  If you have little or no previous French experience then start at the Beginners (A1) class at the start of the year.  If you have some experience then try our online placement test or read our objectives document and make your decision.  Remember, that you can always move up or down a level at anytime.  It’s up to you.

I want to ‘try before I buy’ can I do this ?

You can!  All you need to do is enrol online and select the ‘Bank’ payment option (not credit card) but don’t make a payment and just turn up to your first class.  If you decide you’d like to continue then just make your payment otherwise you pay nothing.

I just want to learn French for fun and don’t want to take it too seriously, is this OK ?

Of course!  Most of our students learn French for enjoyment and are there as much for the fun and social aspect as for the learning.

My child wants to learn French but I see you don’t take students younger than Year 11, why is this ?

Essentially we exist to support adult education and it is difficult to do that and provide classes for children as well.  We ‘pitch’ our classes for adults and so having children in classes we have found not to be suitable.  We are happy to try to assist by providing contact details for our teachers but such arrangements are a private matter between you and them.

I’m not able to attend every class, is that OK ?

We all have busy lives and so almost everyone misses classes occasionally.  If you know before the term starts that you will miss classes you can enrol on a part-time basis and only pay for classes you will attend.

I missed some classes this term, can I get a refund ?

As a general rule we don’t provide refunds for classes that you have missed, however if the circumstances are exceptional please contact us to discuss.

I’ve decided to stop learning French, can I get a refund ?

If you’ve decided not to attend any future classes then contact us and we will refund you the class fees from the date you advised us.  Memberships however are not refundable.

Am I able to get private tuition ?

This is not part of our aim however if you contact us we can provide contact details for some teachers who may be able to assist you independently of us.

I’m a concession holder, can I get a discount ?

We automatically offer 10% discounts on class fees to everyone who enrols and pays before the start of each term.  As well, if you hold a disability, student or unemployment concession card or on a Government pension we offer an additional 20% discount on class fees plus reduced membership fees.  We don’t offer discounts for seniors and our discounts only apply to class fees not to memberships or text purchases.

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