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I have never learned a language before and have no French ‘skills’ – will I be OK ?

Absolutely, most of our beginners have little or no previous French experience so you’re not alone.  In fact most of our students started with very little previous experience.

I’m worried that I’m not going to keep up with the other students.

This is a very common concern.  In fact most people are concerned that they’ll fall behind or will be embarrassed in-front of other adults.  The reality is that everyone is in exactly the same situation.  It only takes a short while before you’ll be comfortable with your fellow students and any concerns you have will disappear.

I’m not sure what level to start at.

This can be a difficult question to answer.  If you have little or no previous French experience then start at the Beginners (A1) class or Travel French (A1) at the start of the year.  If you have some experience then read our objectives document.  If you believe you have the skills of a particular level then enrol at the level above.  Remember, that you can always move up or down a level at anytime.  It’s up to you.

Do I need a text book?

Most classes do use a text book which makes it easier for both the students and teacher.  Our website has all the information about texts and during your enrolment you’ll be able to purchase a book which will be available for you to collect in class.  Textbooks are sold to you at cost price.

I want to ‘try before I buy’ can I do this ?

You can!  Just contact us first and we’ll organise for you to attend a class at no cost or obligation.  If you decide you’d like to continue then you’ll need to become a member and enrol and you’re good to go.

I just want to learn French for fun and don’t want to take it too seriously, is this OK ?

Of course!  Most of our students learn French for enjoyment and are there as much for the fun and social aspect as for the learning.

My child wants to learn French but I see you don’t take students younger than Year 11, why is this ?

Essentially we exist to support adult education and it is difficult to do that and provide classes for children as well.  We ‘pitch’ our classes for adults and so having children in classes we have found not to be suitable.  We are happy to try to assist by providing contact details for our teachers but such arrangements are a private matter between you and them.

I’m not able to attend every class, is that OK ?

Generally we expect students to enrol for the full term (typically 8 weeks) however if you know in advance that you’ll be unable to attend multiple classes please let us know prior to enrolling and we may be able to negotiate an adjustment to your fees.  This needs to be done PRIOR to your enrollement.

I missed some classes this term, can I get a refund ?

As a general rule we don’t provide refunds for classes that you have missed, however if the circumstances are exceptional and involve multiple classes please contact us to discuss.

I need to cancel my enrollment, can I get a refund ?

As a general rule we don’t provide refunds if you’ve decided not to attend any future classes.  However if the circumstances are exceptional or you have not completed the majority of the term then contact us and the committee will review on a case by case basis.  Memberships however are not refundable.

Am I able to get private tuition ?

This is not part of our aim however if you contact us we can provide details for some teachers who may be able to assist you independently of us.

I’m a concession holder, can I get a discount ?

We offer enrolment and membership concessions for those holding a disability or unemployment concession card as well as for those on a Government pension and full time High school or Uni students.  We don’t offer concessions for seniors card holders.

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Last updated 8th February 2023